Video : How An Estonian Basketball Team Lost A Season Tickets Sale Of Over 1000€ and How To Increase Your Season Ticket Sales

In this video we talk about, Season Tickets, and specifically how to sell more of them, a topic that often does not get the attention it deserves, given the importance in a basketball team’s budget. There is no doubt that the income from the season tickets sale, is the foundation for a team that aspires to be financially sustainable throughout the season.

Despite this aspect’s importance, we realize that there is plenty of room for improvement by analyzing some Estonian teams and their sales process.

Here are the teams we analyzed:

Improvements can be made both to the entire sales funnel and to its individual aspects, such as the writing style that is used on the season tickets presentation and sales page, the pricing levels set, how the offers for individual types of season tickets are composed, not to mention any upsells or follow-ups after purchase.

We will focus on the writing style, delving into concepts related to what we can call “the art of writing to sell” Copywriting, giving a step-by-step guide and a clear process to follow to write copy that will help you sell more season tickets.

Once learned and mastered, the concepts regarding Copywriting, mentioned in the video, will come in handy when dealing with any type of content that a basketball team is required to write, season ticket sales pages, merchandising sales pages, letters to send for season ticket renewals, but also material to send to sponsors that you want to convince to invest in the team

In the video you will also find, 10 useful tips you can apply immediately to increase your season ticket sales here’s a recap:

  1. Include a seating map, static or interactive, on the sales page.
  2. The benefits and advantages of each season ticket package should be clearly stated and possibly amplified
  3. Use more descriptive words that convey the experience/emotion
  4. Propose different packages or mini-packages (family plan, couple plan, friends plan)
  5. Price levels need to be better structured and graduated
  6. Offer customized payment plans (monthly payments or in multiple installments)
  7. Offer ticket exchange plans in case it is not used by their holder
  8. Add as many bonuses as possible within the season ticket package, whether they are zero or minimal impact on the team’s budget (discount card in your sponsors’ circuit)
  9. Contact purchasers immediately after their purchase, either to thank them or to propose an Upsale (more expensive package), and stay in touch with them periodically to reduce the dropout and non-renewal rate
  10. Throughout the season, but especially during the season ticket sales phase remind yourself (G.M., Sales Manager, Owner) that everyone, starting with you, in your organization, is in the “sales department”.

Finally, we will close the video with what was our experience in trying to buy season tickets from an Estonian basketball team and I can anticipate that it didn’t go very well

With that said, enjoy the video!
How To Sell More Basketball Season Tickets & How An Estonian Team Lost A Sale Of Over 1000€


Video Summary

  • Min. 0:00 – Intro
  • Min. 1:28 – How Some Estonian Basketball Teams Try To Sell Their Season Tickets.
  • Min. 29:00 – How to Effectively Write Copy to Sell Your Season Tickets
  • Min. 49:00 – 10 Tips for Increasing Your Basketball Team’s Season Ticket Sales.
  • Min. 53:35 – How One Estonian Team Lost A Potential Sale Of Over A Thousand Euro of Season Tickets
  • Min. 1:00:56 – Wrap Up

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