WHat we do

We at Basketballist are proud to be the agency of choice for those who want to get measurable economic results and sales from their marketing 

Going beyond ordinary marketing

Basketballist the first sports marketing agency specializing in the game of basketball, that helps your organization to become a top team through the planning and implementation of a custom-built strategy.

By using our “STARTING 5 METHOD”, we are able to analyze the situation your organization is in now and what steps are needed to take it to the next level both financially and sport-wise.

We at Basketballist are proud to be the agency of choice for those who want to get measurable economic results from marketing activities and not just visibility or brand awareness.

What We Think:

Marketing must be simple.
Marketing must be measurable.
Marketing must bring in sales, not likes.

How we act :

We act like the owner of the organization.
We manage your budget as if it was our own.
We believe in a relationship based on mutual trust.

Analyze. Plan. Launch.

What We Do?

We’ve Got You Covered

Analyzing and Thinking

We will analyze your organization by conducting an initial audit of both out-of-court and on-court elements.

Measurable Marketing

We will suggest actions to implement that have maximum impact and speed of implementation

Sequential Development

We will propose a series of interventions that can build a solid economic foundation for your basketball organization.

Marketing & Advertising

We will plan online and offline marketing campaigns together aimed at getting you results right away.

Ongoing Support

We will continuously follow and assist you on the path of implementing the strategies we have suggested.

Results Analysis

We will provide you with ongoing reporting on the results achieved through the implementation of our Game Plan.

How its get done

Our Team Of Experts Do Their Best

Get Your Free, No Strings Attached
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Organization Analysis

Asset Analysis, Revenue Analysis, Business Model, Marketing Positioning

Strategy Planning

Organization Objectives, Business Goals, Marketing Plan

Strategy Implementation

Logo Design, Website Design, Ad Campaigns,Social Media , Media and PR, Merchandising, Sponsorship Sales, Ticketings

Results Analysis

Data Gathering and Data Analysis to track results and progress made.


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